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“You Can Live A Better Life”, this is our motto and this is what we live by every day. CareersClub was founded in 2014 and we specialise in Coaching, Training and Recruitment.  Our No. 1 priority is to help our clients reach their true potential. We collaborate with our clients to come up with a solution as unique as them.

We are often asked why we are a CLUB. The vision of CareersClub is to create a community of passionate, career driven professionals, who are happy to collaborate with one another, to create bigger and brighter future for them and for the industry they are leading.


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If you want to be the best of yourself, you have to be ready to continuously work on yourself. Sometimes all you need is a little push. Our coaching programs will help you be aware of your strengths and work through your weaknesses. Our coaching process will address specific personal obstacles by choosing a course of action, to make your life be what you want it to be. We will help you focus on breaking the various barriers that prevent you from embracing the changes in life. We will help you be more confident so that you can capitalise on yourself. We will work through on improving your employability and enhancing your quality of life so that you can fulfil your dreams and aspirations.


The world around us is constantly changing. So if you want to keep in pace with the change, you need to understand the new trends and update yourself. Our training programs are very industry focused. They are designed by the industry experts who understand the significance of these changes. That is what makes them so practical and unique.

Our expert trainers will support you at every stage of your training cycle. We will use our expertise to identify and implement the solution that will help you transform the skills, knowledge and behaviours, within your industry. We will also ensure that your learning is practical, can be embedded easily and will generate positive change for you and your organisation.

Our training will help you start a dynamic career within a specific industry.


We are not your traditional Recruiters; therefore we don’t do Recruitment the traditional way. Our recruiters are specialists from the industry, they are recruiting for. They know the industry very well to know who the right candidates for the roles are. Our recruitment process is very inclusive.  The most important person to us is you – whether you are a hiring manager or a job seeker.  Therefore we will ensure that we collaborate with you, every step of the way.

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At CareersClub we will always work on you, to bring out the best in you.  If you want to work for us, you have to be an individual who likes the idea of continuous improvement, someone who is willing to invest in self to be the best of self.
We also take pride in our partnership with the industry leaders, so your ability to add value and provide exceptional service to them is also fundamental to your success. In return, you will be empowered with opportunities to develop yourself and your career, and collaborate with talented colleagues and leaders, in a supportive and diverse environment.

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